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Workshop One: Empowering young people to support each other

Workshop Two: A Practical Approach to Anger Management & Positive Behaviour

Workshop Three: Supporting Bereaved Men

Workshop Four: ManMade-Family Programme



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Workshop Title: Empowering young people to support each other


Workshop Lead: Debi Roberts MAEd


Hectors House & Youth Connexions Hertfordshire


Hector’s House, a charity, was set up by the friends and family of Hector Stringer, who took his own life at the age of 18. Hector was always the life and soul of the party, had a huge amount of friends and did not outwardly show himself as someone who may be at risk of suicide. However he did self-harm to a small degree but was open about it with the family.


It is apparent that young people and young men in particular, can spiral very quickly into a place where they have difficulty coping. It is at this time that their friends, family, colleagues, teachers, lecturers, may not know, recognize or wish to understand how someone is feeling and indeed it is the same for the individual. Where does someone access information or indeed know what information to access?


As human beings we need to break the stigma of talking about our true feelings (mental health) and to treat it the same way as physical health and the change needs to be the same as the change in how we now view cancer.


The main object of the charity is: To help prevent suicide, by making it easier to recognise the symptoms which may lead to suicide, and to help people find the appropriate resources to improve their mental wellbeing.


Hertfordshire County Council Youth Connexions supports young people to improve their outcomes and make a successful transition into adult life. The organisation offers youth work, information, advice, guidance and support to targeted individuals and groups aged 13-19 and up-to 25 for those with learning disabilities.


Through planned curriculum programmes young people are encouraged to learn new skills, build self-esteem, confidence, independence and make informed decisions whilst recognising their responsibilities as individuals and their role within their community.


The workshop will:

  1. Explore the experience of the average 16 year old in the UK today
  2. Give an overview of the Youth Health Champions Course and what young people think about it
  3. Explore key aspects and session content that delegates can implement immediately
  4. Sample the neuroscience and Socratic teaching methods used
  5. Consider how bringing Hector into the classroom supports students
  6. Share qualitative feedback and outcomes


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Workshop Title: Youth Quakes and Volcanic Eruptions- A Practical Approach to Anger Management & Positive Behaviour.
Workshop Lead: Martin Hogg


Everything we do is about translating the complicated into the real world.

Citizen Coaching CIC


Martin, a registered counsellor and BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) member, founded social enterprise Citizen Coaching CIC back in 2005. Citizen Anger Management helps adults and young people lead better lives by better managing their anger. Over the last ten years thousands of people have benefited from this practical, holistic approach to Positive Behaviour and Anger Management via the one to one, group work and online anger management programme.


At Citizen Coaching CIC, a social enterprise, we enable adults and young people to live better lives by providing timely, affordable, jargon-free access to counselling, anger management, personal development coaching and employment skills training delivered by a friendly professional team



The Workshop

Martin will….


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Workshop Title: Supporting Bereaved Men

Workshop Lead: Adam Page – Cruse Bereavement Care – Birmingham


Cruse Bereavement Care in Birmingham provides free bereavement services for the Birmingham Community, offering “Somewhere to turn when someone dies”.


Our wide range of services have been delivered by a group of dedicated staff and volunteers at a range of locations around Birmingham. The demand for our service expands year on year and last year we supported 926 Birmingham residents, which is a 30% increase in the last 4 years.


The Workshop

We will provide an opportunity to share what we have learned as an organisation about how men often grieve differently from women and what their needs are. We will also cover some basic principles of how to offer bereavement support for men.


When somebody we care for dies, we are unwillingly shoved on the rollercoaster journey that is grief. This journey is painful and each person struggles along this journey in their own unique way. Many factors can influence this journey; for example, how they died, our past experiences of grief and the support that we receive during this difficult time. However one major factor is often overlooked and that is the gender of the grieving person.


As an organisation we have been supporting grieving people for a long time, however women are far more likely to access our service than men and that is something we are trying to change. Why is it that men choose to not to ask for help? Men are still grieving, they are still hurting, but they don’t pick up the phone as often as women do.


One of our initiatives has been forming a man only group, in the evening, which is designed to be more informal and male friendly. We also assist with the Man Made project, delivering sessions on dealing with loss. The facilitator of this workshop is involved directly with both of those projects.


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Workshop Title: The ManMade Program

Workshop Lead: Kat Aukett



Family Action is a charity committed to building stronger families by delivering innovative and effective services and support that reaches out to many of the UK’s most vulnerable people. We seek to empower people and communities to address their issues and challenges through practical, financial and emotional help.


We were founded in 1869 but are just as relevant today as we continue to fulfil our core aim of meeting the changing needs of families with understanding and respect.


Family Action has a clear vision and mission which are supported by strong values which are reflected in all that we do.


Our Vision is that everyone who comes to us will receive the help they need to tackle the challenges they face, whilst giving them a voice and recognising their real life experiences.


This year, Family Action approached the developers of ManMade to consider the possibilities such an approach may have for their male clients. The result of this partnership with ManMade sees a re-tailored version of the original peer support pilot, ManMade Dudley.


This tailored programme is titled ManMade Family and seeks to provide men being supported through Family Action an opportunity to benefit from the ManMade approach in respect of overall Emotional Health and wellbeing.


The workshop

We will provide delegates with an opportunity to gain a valuable insight into the impact of the ManMade Family Pilot with a no holds barred account of the challenges experienced, the learning from such challenges and the opportunities realised through this Man-Centric Peer Support programme.


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