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Men Surviving Change in an ever Changing World
June 13th 2016


Year upon year a staggering number of men die by suicide across the UK. Every two hours a man takes his own life in the UK – Infact, over 75% of all suicides are by men.



These men are husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, work colleagues, guides, friends and soul mates and there is a story to be told.



To date discussions in Public Arenas have given us a wealth of knowledge in respect to clinical and wider service provision challenges, statistics, economic and human costs, theories as to the reasons specific groups of men may be more at risk than others. But whilst the debates rage on in the background and decisions are being made, individual stories from the front line have often go unheard. ManMade | The Conference provides the opportunities for stories of loss, survival and hope.



As part of Mens’ Health Week 2016, ManMade | The Conference throws on the table an invitation to all (and we mean everybody from all walks of life) to better understand the reasons why many men may think they would be better off dead, the impact of suicide by men, what solutions are already being developed and implemented as best practice examples as well as provide a forum where new possibilities can be considered and new partnerships developed.


ManMade: The Conference // Who is it for?


We know that suicide doesn’t discriminate. It affects all walks of life at all levels in our society. That’s why ManMade: The Conference is for everybody. Everybody has an equal place…after all, suicide is everybody’s business.


If you want to become a small part of the solution in reducing both the number of men taking their own lives and the impact of male suicide, this conference is for you.



ManMade: The conference // The Purpose


ManMade organisers recognise that only through wider engagement across sectors can the stigma around men and suicide and the challenges of survival for men in modern day society be recognised and addressed.


Suicide affects all parts of society, but suicide rates amongst men remains markedly high in comparison to women. More traditional approaches have focussed on reducing access to means and targeting people with mental health needs to better assure suicidal behaviour and suicide completion is minimised. However, although not always with an aim of preventing suicide, there are many innovative upstream solutions that through placing emphasis on well-being, social inclusion and resilience support people to find reasons for living.
This ground breaking conference will bring together private, public, voluntary and community sector organisations, individuals with lived experience of suicidal behaviour as well as forward thinking innovative organisations from across the country who work with men who need support.


ManMade: The Conference // Outcomes


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