• Sound Art & the Stigma of Suicidal Thoughts

      Jules Bryant talk to MM about his latest Project //         Right off the bat, what do you need from us?   I’m doing a project to challenge the stigma about men who have suicidal thoughts.  To achieve this I need help from men who have or who had suicidal thoughts.  […]

  • The ManMade Challenge – #1manpermile

    The biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK is suicide.  Despite all the horrible diseases we could contract, accidents we could be in or potential ways we could kill each other, we’re still killing ourselves more frequently than any of those things. From the last set of data supplied by the Office of National […]

  • Men & The Mindset Triangle

    Guest Writer for ManMade // Stuart Baker //     I have suffered with depression and anxiety for many years now. I’m not sure when it started, maybe I have always had it but it has been masked by other factors. One thing for sure – It got worse as I have got older, when […]

  • Life After Suicide Survival

    Guest Writer for ManMade // Rohan Kallicharan A major element of my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been that of teaching myself to better trust my first instinct

  • Let’s Talk

      Guest Writer for ManMade // Cadi Lambert   Introduction:   Since losing her partner Bob to suicide in 2014, Cadi Lambert has been documenting her personal journey towards hope through her on-line blog. Unexpectedly for Cadi, her Blog has helped many people who have also been bereaved by suicide as well as highlight to […]

  • Help Before We Know We Need It?

    Guest Writer for ManMade // Pete Trainor It’s been a week since ManMade | The Conference at Himley Hall nr. Dudley there’s been a lot to think about.

  • The Trouble With Boys

    On the 13th June 2016 ManMade | The Conference took place. It was a hugely powerful day where delegates got the chance to properly engage with the issue of men and suicide.


    MANMADE SPEAKERS Jamie Harrington Jamie is a 17-year-old community activist from Ballymun in north Dublin, who became involved in his community from a very early age, developing a love for arts and music through this. At the age of 13 Jamie was running community clean ups and music events in his local youth center (BRYR). […]

  • Cllr Paulette Hamilton

    Cllr Paulette Hamilton will be the chair at ManMade The Conference introducing the inspirational keynote speakers Pete Trainor, Johnny Benjamin, Jamie Harrington, Cadi Lambert, Rohan Kallacharhy


    MANMADE SPEAKERS Cadi Lambert Cadi is a lover of sport, animals, laughter and adventure. An ordinary person but one whose life was turned upside down by the loss of a loved one to suicide. After Cadi’s partner took his own life in 2014 she was informed that it would be many years before she would […]