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Guest Writer for ManMade // Cadi Lambert




Since losing her partner Bob to suicide in 2014, Cadi Lambert has been documenting her personal journey towards hope through her on-line blog. Unexpectedly for Cadi, her Blog has helped many people who have also been bereaved by suicide as well as highlight to the wider world the challenges those bereaved by the loss of a loved one often experience. Cadi’s Blog is also one that is very much about hope and the possibility of a future…something many people who lose someone to suicide often find hard to consider.


It is these personal stories of loss on the front line that often get overlooked whilst the louder debates and decisions go on at the back.


ManMade wants to ensure that these stories are told and more importantly are heard. Bereavement is painful…but bereavement by suicide and the journey on from that bereavement can often be even harder still because of all the questions that go unanswered.


If you have been bereaved by suicide or know someone else who has, there are bereavement support services such as Cruse Bereavement Care that can provide much needed help.


There is also help you can get from downloading a free copy of Help Is At Hand which is a guide that provides people affected by suicide with both emotional and practical support.


“I talked last week. I did something which terrified me. I stood up in front of a room full of people and talked about the toughest and most emotional part of my life so far. The reason I put myself there is because I want you to talk.


I was speaking at the ManMade conference. A conference which bought together people from many areas who all had one thing in common; they were passionate about mental health. They are passionate about survival and giving men a chance to survive times in their life when they feel suicidal…..”

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ManMade|The Conference was organised by Midlands-based social enterprises Forward for Life and Common Unity. Together, they conceptualised, designed and delivered ManMade, an innovative peer-led support service aimed at reducing male suicide. Initially piloted and recommissioned in the Midlands, the developers of ManMade are looking to establish it as an approach further afield.


Terry Rigby – Co-Founder of ManMade


@ukManMade // @forwardFORlife  // www.manmade.org.uk


e. info@manmade.org.uk


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