Cadi Lambert

Cadi is a lover of sport, animals, laughter and adventure. An ordinary person but one whose life was turned upside down by the loss of a loved one to suicide.

cadilambert After Cadi’s partner took his own life in 2014 she was informed that it would be many years before she would regain her life from the grief which consumed it. As someone who struggles to sit still to let things heal, she rejected this opinion. In trying to find positives from such a devastating event she has learnt much about a hidden world of depression and suicide.


As someone who naturally uses writing to express emotion, including the usual angst ridden teenage poems, Cadi started to blog to help her articulate how she feels and as an aide to try and heal her own personal grief. By sharing her own experiences with others she quickly discovered the importance of talking openly.

The blog opened up to her to the world of social media. As well as the huge support provided by friends and family, Cadi has also found great comfort in the care and compassion of strangers. We hear much on the negatives of social media but Cadi champions the positives – the essential connections which can be made to those we have never and may never meet, the ability to be part of a community and the strength and resolve this can provide to an individual.


Having taken on the challenge of cycling the Coast to Coast in one day and a trekking holiday to Tibet to honour two ambitions of her late partner, Cadi has developed a strong belief in the power of sport, exercise and travel to help those going through difficult periods in their life.

Losing one of the strongest people you know to suicide causes you to question all you think you know about the people you share your life with. It is so important for us to listen carefully to what is really being said to us and also to try and hear the words that are often left unspoken.



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