Workshop Four: The ManMade Program


Workshop Title: The ManMade Program

Workshop Lead: Kat Aukett

Family Action is a charity committed to building stronger families by delivering innovative and effective services and support that reaches out to many of the UK’s most vulnerable people. We seek to empower people and communities to address their issues and challenges through practical, financial and emotional help.

We were founded in 1869 but are just as relevant today as we continue to fulfil our core aim of meeting the changing needs of families with understanding and respect.

Family Action has a clear vision and mission which are supported by strong values which are reflected in all that we do.

Our Vision is that everyone who comes to us will receive the help they need to tackle the challenges they face, whilst giving them a voice and recognising their real life experiences.

This year, Family Action approached the developers of ManMade to consider the possibilities such an approach may have for their male clients. The result of this partnership with ManMade sees a re-tailored version of the original peer support pilot, ManMade Dudley.

This tailored programme is titled ManMade Family and seeks to provide men being supported through Family Action an opportunity to benefit from the ManMade approach in respect of overall Emotional Health and wellbeing.

The workshop

We will provide delegates with an opportunity to gain a valuable insight into the impact of the ManMade Family Pilot with a no holds barred account of the challenges experienced, the learning from such challenges and the opportunities realised through this Man-Centric Peer Support programme.

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