Workshop Three: Cruse Bereavement


Workshop Title: Supporting Bereaved Men

Workshop Lead: Adam Page – Cruse Bereavement Care – Birmingham

Cruse Bereavement Care in Birmingham provides free bereavement services for the Birmingham Community, offering “Somewhere to turn when someone dies”.

Our wide range of services have been delivered by a group of dedicated staff and volunteers at a range of locations around Birmingham. The demand for our service expands year on year and last year we supported 926 Birmingham residents, which is a 30% increase in the last 4 years.

The Workshop

We will provide an opportunity to share what we have learned as an organisation about how men often grieve differently from women and what their needs are. We will also cover some basic principles of how to offer bereavement support for men.

When somebody we care for dies, we are unwillingly shoved on the rollercoaster journey that is grief. This journey is painful and each person struggles along this journey in their own unique way. Many factors can influence this journey; for example, how they died, our past experiences of grief and the support that we receive during this difficult time. However one major factor is often overlooked and that is the gender of the grieving person.

As an organisation we have been supporting grieving people for a long time, however women are far more likely to access our service than men and that is something we are trying to change. Why is it that men choose to not to ask for help? Men are still grieving, they are still hurting, but they don’t pick up the phone as often as women do.

One of our initiatives has been forming a man only group, in the evening, which is designed to be more informal and male friendly. We also assist with the Man Made project, delivering sessions on dealing with loss. The facilitator of this workshop is involved directly with both of those projects.

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