Workshop One Hectors House

Workshop One  Empowering young people to support each other


Workshop Title: Empowering young people to support each other

Workshop Lead: Debi Roberts MAEd

Hectors House & Youth Connexions Hertfordshire

Hector’s House, a charity, was set up by the friends and family of Hector Stringer, who took his own life at the age of 18. Hector was always the life and soul of the party, had a huge amount of friends and did not outwardly show himself as someone who may be at risk of suicide. However he did self-harm to a small degree but was open about it with the family.

It is apparent that young people and young men in particular, can spiral very quickly into a place where they have difficulty coping. It is at this time that their friends, family, colleagues, teachers, lecturers, may not know, recognize or wish to understand how someone is feeling and indeed it is the same for the individual. Where does someone access information or indeed know what information to access?

As human beings we need to break the stigma of talking about our true feelings (mental health) and to treat it the same way as physical health and the change needs to be the same as the change in how we now view cancer.

The main object of the charity is: To help prevent suicide, by making it easier to recognise the symptoms which may lead to suicide, and to help people find the appropriate resources to improve their mental wellbeing.

Hertfordshire County Council Youth Connexions supports young people to improve their outcomes and make a successful transition into adult life. The organisation offers youth work, information, advice, guidance and support to targeted individuals and groups aged 13-19 and up-to 25 for those with learning disabilities.

Through planned curriculum programmes young people are encouraged to learn new skills, build self-esteem, confidence, independence and make informed decisions whilst recognising their responsibilities as individuals and their role within their community.

The workshop will:

  1. Explore the experience of the average 16 year old in the UK today
  2. Give an overview of the Youth Health Champions Course and what young people think about it
  3. Explore key aspects and session content that delegates can implement immediately
  4. Sample the neuroscience and Socratic teaching methods used
  5. Consider how bringing Hector into the classroom supports students
  6. Share qualitative feedback and outcomes

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