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ManMade | The Conference provides the opportunities for stories of loss, survival and hope.


As part of Mens’ Health Week 2016, ManMade | The Conference throws on the table an invitation to all (and we mean everybody from all walks of life)to better understand the reasons why many men may think they would be better off dead, the impact of suicide by men, what solutions are already being developed and implemented as best practice examples as well as provide a forum where new possibilities can be considered and new partnerships developed.


ManMade: The Conference // Who is it for?

Suicidal behaviour affects all walks of life at all levels in our society. That’s why ManMade | The Conference is for everybody. Everybody has an equal place… after all, suicide is everybody’s business.


ManMade: The conference // The Purpose

ManMade organisers recognise that only through wider engagement across sectors can the stigma around suicide, men and the challenges of survival for men in modern day society be recognised and start to be better addressed.


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